Hint for permaculture escape room card 4

4. Apply self-regulation and accept feedback 

Complex systems in nature maintain themselves. No plant or animal takes over a system in its entirety. A certain self-regulation takes place: The system keeps itself under control. Systems also provide feedback. If a certain plant (weed) occurs en masse in your own system, this system is trying to tell you something. But if you want to intervene too quickly, then perhaps regulating yourself is a good idea.

For this card: First cut out the four circles and for each also the small white square.

Next, place these on the blue circles that are part of the magnifying glasses on the base map.

Do this correctly or you'll receive negative feedback :) 

Placing something somewhere should make sense. Where can you catch water to fill the pond? Where do you need a wall? How often do you use herbs? And mushroom logs?

Scroll down for another hint if you don't know how to continue with this card.

For A, B, C and D you will find a number in the small square you cut out, for instance A = -1 (not the correct answer)

In the table on card 4 you see A = at the top. -1 would mean that all letters below have to change to 1 letter sooner in the alphabet. +3 would mean go three steps ahead in the alphabet.

To help you, the alphabet is printed on the card. 

Select the text below for the answer key.

Always design an integrated system to avoid negative feedback.