Hint for permaculture escape room card 12

12. Creatively use and respond to change 

Changes happen in every system. In nature, a system reaches a dynamic equilibrium at best. This means there is a balance that doesn't change much over time. Sometimes changes are bigger: A roof leaks or collapses or a storm blows down several trees. Ecological systems have the capacity to restore themselves. New plants will grow where a tree has fallen, so it provides opportunities as well. Change can create positive new energy and ideas.

For this card: The pieces of text need to be recombined to make up the final instruction. The outcomes of cards 7, 8 and 9 are needed.

Card 7 gave four animals as a solution.

Cards 8 and 9 gave three letters as outcome each.

Fill in those solutions in the first row and column of the table. For instance, 7A means you have to look at the solution for card 7. Which animal did you find under A.

Below the table, a combination of an animal and a letter is given each time. Use the table to find that piece of text.

For instance:

Select text below to find the solution:

Fold each of the four corners to the folding line created at 11 and then bring the two sides together. 

Scroll down to see an image on how to fold exactly. You have to follow the steps on card 11 first!

This is the back of the base map. Card 11 already mentioned folding the base map in half length wiise and to turn around the base map. Now you have to fold the four corners to the line in the middle and then bring the two sides together as depicted.