Hint for permaculture escape room card 11

 11. Use edge and value the marginal

Try to create as much edge effect as possible. Additional edges provide more diversity in the overall system. Forest edges (the interface between forest and field) have a higher biodiversity than the forest or the field. Again, take this broadly: Interface between land and water, between day and night, between soil and air. By increasing edge effects, something great can emerge from something that seems marginal.

For this card: The previous card suggested as the solution to reverse the alphabet for card 11. So, start filling the colums with Z. then Y, etc. 

The text on this card speaks of walls with holes drilled in them. Previously you had to fill one of the magnifying glasses with a wall. Look closely to see the code there and then use the key found on this card with the reversed alphabet.

Select the text below to find the answer:

Fold design in half lengthwise and open again. Turn design over.

Scrol down to see a picture on how to fold.