Hint for permaculture escape room card 1

1. Observe and interact

Permaculture focusses on designing complex systems. An example is a food forest: Each element in a food forest (a tree, a hedgehog, a caterpillar, a mushroom) interacts with other elements. Predicting all the relations is probably impossible, Therefore, you should always continue to observe and interact with the system you design.

For this card: Use this compass rose and sun path and find the six trees/shrubs that are mentioned on card 1 and determine whether on a certain day the sun will hit this tree/shrub first or not. For instance: Figure out where the sun rises on the longest day (in the East and, since it's the longest day, the bright yellow line in the sun path. So, the sun rises on the upper right side). Which of the six trees/shrubs is placed in the most upper right position and thus will receive the sun first that day? Take the first letter of that tree/shrub to find the solution.

For the answer key, select text below:

1        2        3        4        5        6

C        A        S        U        O       T

$        *       ^        %       #        @