Hint for permaculture escape room card 6

6. Produce no waste 

There is no such thing as waste, it's just things that are in the wrong place. The concept of waste actually reflects weak design. Any output of an element in your system can become the input of another element. For this we should think more cyclically and stick less to linear systems. Learn to look at waste in a different way by seeing it as a potential revenue. For example, make a highest use analysis: What can you do with a certain type of “waste”? What else gives the highest yield? Can you then use the remainder for another purpose?

For this card: The code from card 1 is not waste, it's needed here. Switch the symbol with the letters you found cracking the code on card 1. 

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Use the cut offs. this is not waste! Use for card 8.

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The cut offs that are meant are the coloured lines that can be found on the cut offs from around the base map.