Hint for permaculture escape room card 7

 7. Design from patterns to details

When making a permaculture design, first try to see the bigger picture. What are the largest elements that should be given a place? Swales, access roads, a house, a vegetable garden or ……….? Place these conveniently in relation to each other. Only then start working in more detail: What exactly will the house look like? Which plants grow where in the vegetable garden? A design does not have to include all the details from the start! Often the situation on the ground ultimately determines the details.

For this card: First, you cut out the circles in the magnifying glasses. Remember in which order the letters A, B, C and D are placed!

Place the card on the base map. 

On each magnifying glass on the base map there's a small, 90 degree hook. In the four hooks, card 7 can be placed,

Answer key below, select to see.

The animals you'll find, in the correct order are a pig, a chicken, a hedgehog and a cow,