Hint for permaculture escape room card 8

 8. Integrate rather than segregate

Integrate the different elements you want to include in the design. So, make sure that they complement and reinforce each other as much as possible. If you maximize as many helpful relationships between elements in your design as possible, you will save yourself a lot of work later. Let each element fulfill multiple functions and let each function be supported by multiple elements. Such integrated systems are more robust: They are more shock-resistant and have more resilience.

For this card: You find instructions on what to do on cards 4 and 6.

Use the cut outs (see card 6) to link elements mentioned on card 8 together, as card 4 suggests you to do. 

To do this, find the elements mentioned in the texts and use the cut outs to link them together. Use the circle close to the element as the linking point (the cirle with the line and description attached).

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