Hint for permaculture escape room card 9

 9. Use small and slow solutions

Big and quick solutions are often tempting: Using technology to quickly achieve what nature takes a long time. This can often be justified at the start of a project, but in general, making small interventions and working for the long term is more sustainable. Starting up a project that is too large, without taking into account the major consequences (a lot of maintenance, for example) quickly leads to disappointment.

For this card: This card talks about different areas where different activities make more sense. Look at each story. The first hint is in the text itself. Look for a certain letter that pops out a bit.

You can also find letters on the base map. Each text refers to a certain spot. Use the key to the map or look at the base map carefully to find one letter for each of the three texts on card 9.

For answer key select text below.