Hint for permaculture escape room card 10

10. Use and value diversity 

The more diverse a system, the more likely it is that there are useful connections between elements and so the greater the resilience of that system will be. Good design and human intervention can increase the (bio)diversity of systems. Take diversity broadly. Food doesn't only have to come from a supermarket, but can also come from a local food cooperative, your own cultivation or....... Try not to depend on a single source for anything, but diversify!

For this card: You'll need the answers from cards 2 + 5 + 3 (in that order). Each of those card gave you a three letter solution. Together these make up a word.

Select text below for this part of the solution:


For the next step card 10 tells you to find this animal in the previous nine cards as well to find the next clue. You'll need to make cards 1 through 9 overlap in such a way that the column of letters on each cards aligns to make up the solution you just found. So, card 1 will have an H on it, card 2 an O, etc.

Once you've formed the word using all nine cards, read the whole message hidden in the colums. Start at the top and read from left to right.

Select text below to find the solution:

In this garden you will not find hives for honeybees. This can be an advantage for other bees. For the next card reverse the alphabet.